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Flower Arranging

Flower Arranging

CS: 103/104

Have you thought how much a flower arrangement adds to a social occasion? Learn how to do flower arrangements, which will range from a simple table design to a more ambitious formal pedestal for church or hallway. We shall discuss the mechanics of flower arranging, conditioning and preserving plant material. Preparation of swags, dried flowers and special occasion arrangements will be included.

Course notes

Each day will include demonstrations followed by practical sessions working through the particular ideas.

The starting point for the sessions are likely to be.

  • Preparation of plant material and basic mechanics
  • Posies
  • Basic design-shapes
  • The classic pedestal
  • Swags
  • Garlands
  • Special occasion arrangements


While material will be provided for the practical sessions, it is a great help if students can bring some foliage, especially valuable are grey and variegated leaf types. Please bring a pair of secateurs or flower scissors, which ever you prefer.

A particular future event needing floral input, can often be an interesting discussion point in the course, so do please bring any switches of material for particular colour schemes, or photographs of any special area needing an arrangement, interesting foliage/flowers or unusual container which you might like to use. These may be very valuable in helping our discussions!

You might like to know that I trained in Horticulture after school and over the years have had considerable experience in flower arranging, through attending courses, demonstrating and close contact with local flower clubs. I decorated the Chapel for many years, and have done the flowers for numerous weddings with arrangements in church, marquees, bouquets, buttonholes and corsages.

I have prepared the flowers for public rooms at Summer School for many years.

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