Adult Courses

A powerful feature of the Summer School is the ever changing course programme that is refreshed and developed annually. This year is no exception with many tutors old and new offering a wide range of titles to run alongside our traditional favourites.

As always our aim is to maintain the breadth, diversity and quality of the course range available to customers, providing maximum choice across the mornings and afternoons in each of the three weeks. Courses run from Monday until Friday and offer flexibility in choice between a full day, two half days or simply coming for the mornings or afternoons alone.

The scope and breadth of the courses is unusually wide and designed to satisfy all ages, interests and abilities and it is because we offer so much to so many that we boast a programme that truly has "Something for Everyone".

  • Painting by the lake
    Painting by the lake (1 of 26)
  • Rural Skills
    Rural Skills (2 of 26)
  • Buildings in Watercolour
    Buildings in Watercolour (3 of 26)
  • Art
    Art (4 of 26)
  • Wire and Paper Modelling
    Wire and Paper Modelling (5 of 26)
  • A Week of Weaving Willow
    A Week of Weaving Willow (6 of 26)
  • Landscape painting
    Landscape painting (7 of 26)
  • Cane, Rush and Woven Seating
    Cane, Rush and Woven Seating (8 of 26)
  • Dog agility
    Dog agility (9 of 26)
  • Ballroom dancing in the Marquee
    Ballroom dancing in the Marquee (10 of 26)
  • The Making of Wiltshire
    The Making of Wiltshire (11 of 26)
  • Find Your Voice
    Find Your Voice (12 of 26)
  • Guitar for Beginners
    Guitar for Beginners (13 of 26)
  • Pilates on the lawn
    Pilates on the lawn (14 of 26)
  • Singing for Pleasure
    Singing for Pleasure (15 of 26)
  • Taiko - Drumming the Japanese Way
    Taiko - Drumming the Japanese Way (16 of 26)
  • Argentine Tango for Beginners
    Argentine Tango for Beginners (17 of 26)
  • Getting Started with an iPad
    Getting Started with an iPad (18 of 26)
  • Live Longer, Live Stronger
    Live Longer, Live Stronger (19 of 26)
  • Nordic Walking for Beginners
    Nordic Walking for Beginners (20 of 26)
  • Know your Trees
    Know your Trees (21 of 26)
  • Stained Glass Workshop
    Stained Glass Workshop (22 of 26)
  • Dog Training
    Dog Training (23 of 26)
  • Bridge
    Bridge (24 of 26)
  • Fly Fishing at Twilight
    Fly Fishing at Twilight (25 of 26)
  • Tennis
    Tennis (26 of 26)

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